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NC’s Custody Mediation Program and How to Prepare

July 10th, 2013 by Katherine Frye

Every county in NC requires parents to attend custody mediation to attempt to resolve any disputes related to their children. Mediation is required for new complaints, motions to modify current custody, or issues related to violations of the terms of a current order. The goal is to allow parents a forum with mental health professionals as their guides to reach a resolution that avoids a Judge making a decision for them.

For clients at our firm, we work hard to prepare them for the mediation process so that the client knows what to expect and to brainstorm about ways to resolve the problems. It is important to know that in Wake County, you will have an orientation session and return for a mediation session on a separate day.

In Wake County, your mediation will occur in a fairly small room with you, the other parent, and the mediator. If you reach an agreement, the mediator will draft a parenting agreement for review and later signature by the Judge.

Prior to mediation, it is important to understand various options for your children and the trends with the current Judges. You want to attend mediation prepared and with a plan. If you have custody mediation coming up, call our office. One of our experienced attorneys can help you be prepared to best achieve your goals and protect what is best for your children. Call our firm at 919.846.8807.

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